Welcome to the new Caitlin Rose…

I am beyond excited to finally debut the new site that my brand developers and web designers (thank you, Year Round Co.) and I have been working on for so long! 

This new site has been a long time coming. After years of working along side others in the photography industry and a lot of thoughtful consideration surrounding my goals and desires in life - this site marks a new beginning and a fresh start for my photography business and for myself. There has always been a great deal of fear and hesitation for me, personally, about taking the plunge and going into business on my own. I've always liked the comfort of having someone else to lean on if something went wrong. Over the last year, however, I've learned a lot of hard but fruitful lessons about standing on my own two feet.  I've learned that believing in myself and my work, and placing value on those things, above all else, is the only way to succeed (or, at least, the only way I want to succeed). This new site and all the forthcoming work on it pays homage to these ideals I've developed along the way. I am dedicated to doing creative work that satisfies me on a personal and professional level while honoring the value the art itself has for myself and for my clients. Staying true to these ideals alone have led me to where I am today and will continue to be the driving force behind Caitlin Rose. 

It's real pleasure to kick off this momentous celebration with portraits of the beautiful Olivia!

Thank you so much for visiting. There's much more to come!