Jenna and Ben || Elopement Portraits - Roxborough State Park

I LOVE Jenna and Ben. Like, love love them. They are so sweet and full of life and, in case you can't tell by the way Ben looks at Jenna in these photos, totally in love. They are adorable! 

They eloped this summer in Aspen. Ah-mazing. She was on her lunch break and wearing her work clothes (bandana included) and he was in town from California wearing some sweet cut off shorts.  They got married, had some margaritas, and didn't even take a a picture since they were so caught up in their happiness. They simply enjoyed each other and their very special day. I love everything about their story!

Taking portraits to celebrate their elopement was one of my all time favorite opportunities to shoot a couple! They are so fun and have such a beautiful ease together - they were a dream to shoot. 

I wish I could be there for you celebration this weekend, you two! I hope you have a joyous day celebrating your sweet love.