Chatham Family || Portraits

I have a lot of love for the Chatham family, particularly Julie who taught (and continues to teach) me everything I know about photography. Since the first time we met over coffee in 2011, she has shared her artistic vision with me and has ceaselessly encouraged me to pursue my personal photography path. 

She is a dying breed in the photography industry - a true artist, she is unapologetic, honest and rightfully wary of the direction of the market. I am so grateful for her wisdom. I am endlessly thankful that my mentor taught me not to compare myself to others; taught me that my vision of art was all that mattered and that giving into the expectations of an over-saturated industry would be a fatal flaw to my artistic ideals - a notion that will forever drive my vision.

Julie is the most prominent reason I am where I am with photography. I have confidence in my work, not because I have a large following or features in bridal publications or mentions on social media, but because I believe that what I see through my camera is real and honest and enduring and I have faith that producing my work will mean something more to someone than simply having taken "a pretty picture." 

I am forever grateful to her for giving me the gift of photography.


The Chatham's welcomed Sylvie June into the world on the 1st of July (an irony I can't help but fawn over). Julie, Jesse and Ramona had me over to document a morning in the life of their sweet little family.